Pay a visit to the Frisian Nature Museum

In the Natuurmuseum Fryslân you go on an adventure in nature. From the smallest animals to enormous skeletons. Four floors full of information, special animals and plants, assignments and experiments. Everything to be discovered! Constantly changing exhibitions and an extensive program with various activities ensure that there is always something new to experience. This museum is for children, parents, grandparents and nature lovers, in short, there is something to do for every age.

Here you have the opportunity to see a sperm whale up close, want to fly a circle above Fryslân or walk on the bottom of a ditch. Doing and experiencing yourself is central to the museum and makes it the nicest museum of Fryslân!

In addition, the museum has a studio where animals are set up from mouse to elephant. You can follow this completely when the preparers are present.

A real “Kids Proof” museum!

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