Enjoy the beautiful Frisian landscape, the tranquility and beautiful surroundings

From recreation park Bloemketerp you cycle through the center of Franeker past the Planetarium. The city is said to have been founded around 800. In 1585 Franeker received a University as a thank you for its loyalty to Willem van Oranje. You enter the province of Friesland via the city park. With the activity on one hand and the fields and meadows on the other, you can enjoy what Friesland has to offer. The Southwest of Friesland is characterized by its open character with meadows, dikes and picturesque villages. Originally, the province has an agricultural character and was known for its cattle breeding and dairy industry. When you have cycled through the dunes and reached Harlingen, it is probably time for a break. The harbor and the center offer enough possibilities for this. You continue the route through the coastal region along vast fields. From time to time the peace of nature changes into the tranquility of one of the Frisian villages. But after a nice cycling route you will return to the city of Franeker.

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